Woman found dead in Irvine, 2 men arrested

Irvine police investigated Tuesday after a woman was found dead in a house in a neighborhood east of Eaglecreek and Royal Oak.

Video transcript

JUAN FERNANDEZ: Latest news. Sky 9 lives in Irvine, where police are investigating a murder.

LESLEY MARIN: Yes, and Desmond Shaw lives live above him. Hey, Des.

DESMOND SHAW: Hey, Lesley. And while we understand that a person was killed, it is an Irvine PD murder investigation that is believed to be domestic. A woman – we know this is the deceased in this house on Red Apple Court. This is a dead end street in a nice area in Irvine. Two men were arrested. Again, it is believed to be domestic. There aren’t any outstanding suspects, so the investigation out here with the mobile command center with Irvine PD is likely going on for the rest of this afternoon. Live in Sky 9 above me, I’m Desmond Shaw. Lesley and Juan, back to you in the studio.

– – Desmond, thank you.

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