Why Robert Irvine still gets emotional in the restaurant: Impossible

Probably Irvine’s emotion comes from investing in “Restaurant: Impossible” with restaurant owners. After all, Irvine spent the post-2016 hiatus on The Robert Irvine Show, which was basically just taking the restaurant out of the equation. He demonstrated conflict resolution skills when helping people with relationship problems. Irvine once told Channel Guide Magazine that the good that Oprah Winfrey does for people has had a huge impact. He also told Thread MB that he would like his legacy to be that he “did everything” [his] Makes the life of at least one person a little brighter. “Essentially, Irvine isn’t just running Restaurant: Impossible for the cameras. He’s really passionate about helping people improve their lives. The owners are in a dire situation. Things are bound to get emotional.

Take, for example, the most recent episode where Irvine helped Julissa Legasppy who was struggling to keep the doors open of the restaurant she bought with her husband, who then tragically fell ill and died. “Has anyone else packed the handkerchiefs?” Irvine tweeted when the heartbreaking show aired. Or how about if the host donated $ 10,000 of their own money to a family of 10 who had been evicted from their home (via Delish)?

Irvine is a family man himself and tries to really help the people behind the restaurants. Even if you see him scream, he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette it’s just how much he cares.

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