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What Is a Shiatsu Massage? (Benefits & Techniques)

Apr 18

Aching neck, shoulders, and back? If regular exercise isn’t doing the trick, your body needs deeper treatment.

Imagine feeling revitalized, recharged, and relaxed. And you wonder why the idea of a massage makes you feel lighter than air.

Get to know all about shiatsu massage! 

What is Shiatsu Massage

The Shiatsu massage is a type of Asian massage. The term shiatsu massage is derived from the Japanese words, “shi” meaning finger and “atsu” meaning pressure. 

Shiatsu massage combines different techniques like stretching, acupressure, and thumb pressure with other elements like the use of cayenne pepper or hot stones followed by a warm coat.

When we speak about Shiatsu, first of all, we have to speak about its founder, the Japanese Zen Buddhist named Mikao Usui and it is said that he developed this technique after healing himself from a severe sickness. 

This technique uses pressure points which work to enhance the energy within the body. 

Shiatsu Massage is a health care system that focuses on issues with the flow of Qi through Meridian pathways. 

Qi, the Chinese name for Universal Life Energy, is what keeps you healthy and alive. When you are ill, there is a blockage or some other hindrance to the flow of Qi in your body. This could be due to the mind or body being out of balance or it may just be the way the natural order of things works. 

Yi is an art of understanding how things work and how to get them back in balance when they have become off-kilter. The term shiatsu comes from combining two Japanese words meaning finger (shi) and pressure (atsu). In essence, shiatsu massage focuses on manipulating points along with certain other techniques. 

The therapist applies pressure to specific areas of the body with his thumb and forefingers, along with other techniques such as stretching or movement of limbs or joints.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

It’s more than just a back rub. There is an art to giving Shiatsu massage that comes from over 4000 years of history and tradition that began in Asia and has spread throughout the world. 

There are many benefits of Shiatsu massage. Firstly, we know how good it feels to have a massage. Massaging is a natural way to relieve tension by loosening tight muscles and stimulating blood flow. 

This can help restore normal muscle tone, poise, and balance as well as improving circulation. Sometimes the relief is instant. Other times, the relaxation comes in waves that last for hours after the massage has ended. 

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1.Restores & Maintains Body Energy 

One of the most important features of shiatsu is the fact that it restores and maintains body energy. The Japanese term for this is Ki or life-force energy that flows through the body. 

By stimulating the vital energy of the body which is considered to be around our organs, it supports the function of the internal organs and their meridians. Stimulation also relieves pain created from mental or physical stress.

2.Promotes Healing 

Traditional massage is intended to promote the body's own healing process. Shiatsu massage works in the same way, stimulating the energy meridians that pass through the hands and feet.  

3.Treats Arthritis 

Cells need oxygen, in order to be functional. When there is a problem with the cells' supply of oxygen, the result is arthritis. Shiatsu massage uses gentle pressure and stretching of the muscles combined with kneading on the area of pain. 

This helps stimulate your body's blood circulation, which will help your body fight against arthritis. Some other methods to benefit you include chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and herbal supplements. 

4.Boosts Immunity 

Seeing a regular shiatsu massage practitioner can boost immunity, according to a new research paper. The study conducted by the Institute of Chinese Medicine at the University of Munich examined mice that had been implanted with breast cancer cells. After being treated with shiatsu, the female mice in the experiment had half as many tumors as those that were given no treatment.

5.Improves Blood Circulation 

We know that blood circulation plays a role in how we feel. The heartbeat moves blood to the body's organs, muscles, and skin. This is how we get some nutrients and oxygen to survive. It can be hard for all the vital organs to function if there is restricted blood flow through the body. 

The process of shiatsu massage helps in improving the blood flow because of the massaging action which helps the organs work more effectively. It also improves the cellulite condition of a person and increases the metabolism rate to give you smoother, supple, and younger-looking skin.

Bottom Line  

If you are one of the people who have never thought about getting a shiatsu massage or if you have some doubts that maybe it is not what you need, then this article should be your main.

In a streamlined manner, the article will look into the list of advantages of receiving Shiatsu massage and how to make use of it in regard to body wellness.