West of Scotland League: Irvine Vics relies on youth as a boss and predicts starlets a bright future

Brian McLuckie relies on youth again as he shapes his roster for Irvine Vics for the upcoming season.

The Westenders boss knows he can’t inject the money to bring big names to Victoria Park.

But he hopes he can take advantage of giving young talent a point to prove a chance to shine.

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McLuckie began his rebuilding work this week with the steady signings of midfielder Marc Wardrope and striker Joy Goma.

Wardrope, 20, spent his final season at Vics on loan from Irvine Meadow, while former Ayr United Academy starlet Goma will be hoping for success after much of the last semester.

McLuckie believes that both players have the potential to play at a higher level and believes that Vics can provide the perfect platform for them to showcase their talents.

Joy Goma

He said: “Marc can be a Premier League player at this level, I have no doubt about that.

“We look forward to bringing him on board. He’s been looking for a career path where he can get that first team soccer and move on, and he knows he can get this here.

“Having been impressed by him in the short time he was with us last year, we look forward to seeing more of him.

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“Joy is another boy who can develop and move on to bigger and better things. He just has to work on his confidence and physicality. “

Another four players from last year’s roster – Chris Callander, Rodrick Watupa, Struan Robb and Luke Running – have signed new contracts – with Watupa, the senior statesman aged 24.

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McLuckie, who expects most of last year’s baby-faced team to follow suit and re-sign, admits he wants to add some experience to the group.

But he insists that it’s not the be-all and end-all.

He added, “If you are good and fit enough, this is where you play. Age doesn’t necessarily come into play. “

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