West of Scotland League: Irvine Meadow boss rejects backup plan to declare champions early

Irvine Meadow boss Colin Spence has spoken out against a WoSFL backup plan to declare champions early – even if this could give his team a call for the Premiership title.

League bosses announced last week that the remaining games would have to be scrapped and redrawn to save the season.

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Beaks are concerned about ending the campaign with Scotland’s lower leagues by at least February 14th as the country battles a second wave of coronavirus.

Now a plan has been drawn up to ensure that at least 50 percent of the games are played – the threshold for distributing titles using a points-per-game formula.

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But Spence, who has Meadow fourth in the league table and six points behind leader Clydebank, said, “I really believe in deserving titles right – on the pitch.

“I don’t think anyone deserves to be a champion if only half the games have been played.

“I’ll say that even if it could actually work in our favor.

Colin Spence

“We still have teams near the top like Darvel and Clydebank that have to play to get us in half.

“If we won these games we would have a decent reputation for reaching the top of the league.

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“But I don’t even think I could accept that. For me, a league is only won if all the games are played.

“I’d rather we start playing maybe twice a week from April to play games.”

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WoSFL bosses want to ensure that all teams have played against each of their division rivals at least once.

It was also decided that games postponed due to pitch issues will be played within 11 days of the postponement date.

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