Was a UFO discovered in Irvine, California?

In May 2021, the UfoChannel TikTok page posted a video that allegedly showed a UFO that was discovered in Irvine, California:


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This video does not show a UFO, nor was it recorded in California. This video was taken in the parking lot of a Minnesota Walmart and shows the light display of a nearby casino.

Outside the Mystic Lake Casino are several bright spotlights that represent the project in a circle in the night sky. The casino is using this display as part of an advertising campaign asking Minnesotans to follow the lights to the venue. Here is an illustration of that ad:

This ad will also appear on the casino’s YouTube page:

These lights have led some people to believe they saw a UFO – which may be just the intention. A similar video went viral in 2018 when a person expressed confusion over this strange sighting. A screenshot of this video (available through local Minnesota news agency SWNewsMedia) shows a nearly identical scene to the video that went viral in May 2021:

SW News Media wrote at the time:

Death, taxes, and someone who thinks the bright lights will draw crowds to Mystic Lake Casino are indeed evidence of an impending alien invasion. These are the certainties of life in the land of great fun.

Last week, a visitor to Shakopee Wal-Mart looked up on a cloudy Thursday night and saw lights that formed a “perfect circle” hovering over the store. While it’s easy to see why someone thinks a UFO is coming over to buy a gallon of milk, underwear, a big screen TV, and new glasses, most local residents know enough to recognize the lights as an illuminated teepee for Mystic Lake Resort and Casino on the nearby Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Reserve.

The video, which went viral on TikTok in May 2021, did not show a UFO in Irvine, California. This video actually showed the light display of a Minnesota casino.

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