UCSB Offense Patterns One run in two losses to UC Irvine | Sports

No. 25 UC Santa Barbara was defeated in his brace on Saturday with No. 23 UC Irvine, dropped the first game 5-1 and was excluded 6-0 in the nightcap.

Game one
Despite another incredible performance on the hill for second Rodney Boone (8: 3), the gauchos failed in the first game of the double header to provide the necessary running support for the preservation of the gem. Boone threw 7.1 innings of work, so only two were earned while hitting seven, and took a no-hitter in the fifth inning.

The only run of the game for the gauchos was at the end of fourth place when Jason Willow slammed a single through the left to get on board and was substituted on for McClain O’Connor’s second double of the game. It was a perfectly crafted hit-and-run game, with O’Connor dropping the ball just inside the left field line. He ended the day with a perfect 2-on-2 with two doubles and the early start RBI to 1-0.

After hanging up seven zeros in a row, the anteaters finally scored a hit for Boone. Thomas McCaffrey raked a solo home run up in eighth place to make it 1-1. Boone and the gauchos came out with three more pitchers at Conner Roberts, Hayden Hattenbach and Clayton Hall to end the inning. Four more eaters would score points under their observation and give UCI a 5-1 victory.

Seven different players made up UCSB’s eight goals.

Game two
Cory Lewis (4-3) linked his career high of 11 spikes as the gaucho starter in game two, but his offense again failed to provide running support. He threw 6.1 innings and allowed only three runs with six hits and no walks.

Nick Welch followed him in the bullpen and did an excellent job pulling back the game’s last seven batters, five of which fell over the K. These five strikeouts are a career high for the young gaucho.

Kyle Johnson stepped up as the squeezer at the end of sixth place, collecting the first goal of the game for UCSB. Broc Mortensen hit a single with the ninth inning. Jordan Sprinkle took a walk and stole his 20th base of the year to extend his lead in the Big West.

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