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Nick Focus season went well with the University of California, Irvine baseball team’s first nine starts. The left-handed pitcher was then thrown out of the box early on April 24 against Oregon and May 1 against Long Beach.

Focus has come back with a great start three times in a row. He reached 9 with a 5-1 win at the University of California, Santa Barbara on May 8 and 12 with a 5-2 win at UC Riverside on May 15. He won a 2-1 win at California State University in Bakersfield on Saturday.

These are the three biggest pranks of season two when the 2020 campaign was wiped out by the COVID-19 pandemic but he didn’t need a year-long qualification, according to the NCAA.

It’s worth noting that we’ve scored 31 goals in three games as the strikeout height has been eight so far.

Focus was asked to explain Whiff’s rise by touching the aforementioned match between Oregon State University and Long Beach State University and continuing a total of 32/3 innings, allowing for 12 deserved runs.

“There have been a couple of bad trips to Long Beach and Oregon. There have been some of the shortest trips, ”said the number one team from the University of California, Santa Barbara in second place, 4 to 1, said Focus, who leads the game. play. “I wasn’t as good as I used to be and I remember our pitching trainer Dambi Bona saying during training that I just had to pitch angrily.

“And I have the feeling that my thinking is very different than before. I threw fastballs and curved balls a lot more to get people out of the field than on the field. It was. ”

Mr. Focus said that his curve in particular was a little more viciously unleashed.

“Curve ball, I’ve been throwing it all along,” he said. “It’s much better. The harder it is to throw, the bigger the movement and the more I feel like I’m going to strike.”

According to Pinto, fastballs range from 87 to 89 mph, with about 90 mph.

The focus is 6-3 and the ERA is 3.66. He has 74 strikeouts in 1/3 innings out of 76. His 10 strikeout appearances at Bakersfield on Saturday earned him the Big West pitcher of the week. This is the second award this season. He allowed a deserved run in the 7 1/3 innings.

“Yes, it’s great to be recognized,” said Tesorohai’s focus on Santa Margarita. “It’s cool, but I don’t really think about it because I want to do it every other week. I want to have the same preparation and the same focus, regardless of whether I win the Pitcher of Week or have a bad end. ..

“I want to focus on the same thing next week.”

Anteater Mike Peabody also praises

University of California, Irvine junior Mike Peabody was named Field Player of the Week by Big West on Monday. He played 10-18 in a four-game series at Bakersfield, and Aliqui played three of four games, scoring home runs, two RBIs and six RBIs.

Peabody got the best .356 on the team with 8 homers and the best 51 RBIs on the team and the conference.

Climb the leaderboard

This week’s anteaters (36-16, 28-8) climbed four places to 14th place in the Baseball America Top 25 votes. UCI ranks 20th to 17th in the NCAA rankings.

There are two UCI magic numbers to win the Big West title. Anteaters will end their regular season with a four-game series visiting California State Fullerton starting Friday.

this and that

Dirtbag played three of four games at rival California State Fullerton (13-19 Big West) last weekend, finishing third in Big West 22-14 and second at the University of California, Santa Barbara (25-). 11 Great West). The dirtbag ends with four home games with the University of California, Davis from Friday. …

Fourth place CSUN (20-16 Big West), who won 11 of the last 12 times, will wrap up the campaign with four games at the University of California, San Diego. …

The University of California, Riverside (12-28 Big West) have lost their last 13 games and have really started to slide. The Highlanders will be held at a conference and will end the season starting Thursday with four non-conference games with the California Baptists.

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