UC Irvine partially opens campus in July; full return planned for September

It’s been more than a year since UC Irvine closed last March and both students and professors quickly switched to online courses. However, you can return to the university as early as July on a step-by-step back-to-campus plan.

“Our next chapter will focus on the needs of our community and use innovative solutions to create a UCI experience that is more satisfying, productive and supportive,” said Chancellor Howard Gillman in a statement released Tuesday announcing the return has been.

“We will be releasing more information about our next steps in the coming days and months, which continues summer in preparation for fall,” said Gillman. “Some of the plans build on our pandemic experiences, such as B. A hybrid workplace and flexible coursework while others may be entirely new. The common thread is that our new day is designed together for our campus community and our stakeholders. “

The transition will take place throughout the summer with the hope that campus officials will be fully operational by September – but this assumes that a significant portion of the university population will be vaccinated by fall.

Asymptomatic testing is expected to be required for those who are not vaccinated and participate in athletics or other group activities. Daily symptoms and symptomatic tests for students, faculty, and staff will continue.

Campus spokeswoman Sheri Ledbetter said the university does not currently require vaccinations, but students and faculty are urged to have them when they are available.

“We are currently exploring the possibility of exempting fully vaccinated students from asymptomatic testing,” she added.

To that end, the university has switched its contact tracing team to what the university calls contact tracing and vaccine navigation services. Ledbetter said the team will be proactive in letting people know they are qualified to get a vaccine – starting April 15 in California – and how to navigate the system to get one. The public relations work has already been completed with those whom the team contact has followed over the past year.

Starting this week, the team will begin reaching out to alumni and students on campus who were limited to individual units in the previous academic year, before finally calling all 37,013 students attending the UCI. You will then move on to the newest class of students enrolling this fall.

“It’s a goodwill call. ‘How are you? Are you vaccinated Did you know you are eligible? Do you know how to get one? ‘”Said Ledbetter. “You hear really good feedback.”

Campus officials said they believe face masks and social distancing will still be necessary in the coming months. Ledbetter said the university will be flexible and receptive to advice from public health authorities.

“The last thing we want to do is go backwards, so we are very conscious of going forward,” said Ledbetter.

The fall quarter begins on September 20th and classes will mostly be in person on campus. However, some professors also offer remote and hybrid options if needed. Students who cannot be on campus are accommodated by the University’s Department of Excellence in Teaching and Innovation.

“We look forward to having the dormitories at near full capacity again for the fall quarter,” Hal Stern, the provost and executive vice chancellor, said in a statement. Stern added that in the near future, students will receive additional information on housing options and other information on the back-to-campus plan.

The plans will have no impact on the June graduation ceremonies, which will virtually continue as previously announced.

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