UC Irvine opens Institute for Future Health

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The University of California Irvine created a new innovation institute focused on personalizing the health model with consumer technologies such as wearables and cell phones.

The Institute for Future Health at the University of California at Irvine will combine clinical work with research on lifestyle, community, environment and socioeconomic factors to tailor health care to individual patients.

“Our approach is to understand lifestyle and environmental factors that affect a person and use them to create a personal model that controls health to achieve a person’s goals,” said institute director Ramesh Jain in a press release dated February 4. “This requires the collection of lifestyle and environmental data in real time in real situations [and] that we build an infrastructure to research and translate at the same time instead of researching first and then translating. “

Members of the institute develop technologies that use a person’s health and lifestyle data from the following sources: cell phones, wearables, personal sensors, diagnostic tests, and medical records. The data collected is combined with research results to create personalized lifestyle advice that helps patients achieve their health goals.

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