The unlucky criminal Irvine exchanged £ 14,00zero for US {dollars}, which was stolen from the girl’s checking account

An unfortunate Irvine crook who traded more than £ 14,000 stolen from a woman’s bank account for US dollars was spared from jail.

Greg Fox, 34, converted the money in Braehead to Renfrew using his own passport with forex dealers.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard that Fox had made no money on the scam when his role in the hoax came to light.

He appeared for conviction this week after pleading guilty to converting £ 14,141.20 obtained through a fraudulent transfer from a woman’s account.

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Fox, from ground floor in the city of Ayrshire, had visited a number of stores in the mall where he converted more than £ 11,000 into US dollars.

He went to M&S Foreign Exchange, Barrhead Travel, TUI, Eurocharge Ltd and Thomas Cook to change currency – using his passport as identification.

However, the police were able to track him down after obtaining copies of his passport from the branches after receiving information about the fraud.

When police questioned him, they found that he had agreed to use his bank account for the fraudulent activity in exchange for payment.

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His defense attorney, Jonathan Manson, told the court that his client had been left empty-handed despite his involvement in the fraud.

He said, “He did not receive any financial gain from the outline numbers involved.

“At the end of the day, they were all paper transactions and he received none of them.”

Sheriff Colin Pettigrew said to him, “While there has been no financial gain in this case, it is a serious crime and requires appropriate treatment.

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“I am going to look at a sentence as an alternative to custody because it will tell you how serious I am on this matter.”

He added that he would not give Fox a discount for admitting responsibility for pleading guilty on the third appeal.

He put it on an electronic tag for six months and told him to stay indoors between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. every day.

He also made it mandatory local authority supervision for 18 months.

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