The Two Irish Foods Robert Irvine Says Are “A Marriage In Heaven”

While you’re likely to find bangers served alongside mashed potatoes, you can really take your taste buds to the Emerald Isle by replacing traditional porridge with colcannon. Colcannon, Ireland’s answer to mashed potatoes, lets you mash your potatoes with cooked leeks and cabbage, resulting in a rich and creamy side like no other (via Bon Appétit). This evolved variant of mashed potatoes can be paired with Irish bangers, especially if the bangers are braised in Guinness (via Smells Like Home).

When you serve this classic combo, you create a dish that will make any St. Patrick’s Day celebration so much more delicious. If you’ve never tried any of these Irish specialties, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. With recipes that even an inexperienced home cook can tackle, this combo offers a delicious and easy way to celebrate the luck of the Irish and add a festive flair to your upcoming meal plans.

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