The top of Irvine Vics warns the squad they play as ax looms for his or her future

Brian McLuckie, head of Irvine Vics, has warned his squad that they are playing for their future.

McLuckie plans to downsize his pitch in the New Year to find a more stable team.

And he admits that the next few games will determine who makes the cut.

Vics is hosting the WoSFL Conference B-fighter Vale of Clyde this Saturday.

But McLuckie insists he cares more about accomplishments than points right now.

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He said: “One of the biggest problems we have right now is that we have too many players.

“We played a friendly against the Ayr United U20s on Saturday and managed to put together two completely different teams during the game. We also had three of our boys for Ayr.

Vics has only won one competitive game this season

“That’s 25 players and we really have to reduce that to 18 in the next few weeks.

“Results are not that important compared to what we want to achieve. It’s about building a young team and letting it develop.

“However, we told the players that it was up to them to show that they wanted to play and deserve here.

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“The plan is to end with a group of boys who wind down the rest of the season, get a chance to develop and give us something to build on for the next year.”

Injured defender Grant Thorburn will miss Saturday’s game while striker Joy Goma will not be risked as he remains fully fit.

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