The retail large is on the brink of open an enormous new retailer in Irvine

Discount giant Home Bargains is preparing to open its new larger store in Irvine.

The national chain was granted a liquor license to sell liquor today once it moved to the former homebase unit at Riverway Retail Park.

It applied to the sale of drinks every weekday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. with a sales area of ​​34.2 square meters.

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The new shop is expected to open next month and triple its store size after moving from its current park base.

The North Ayrshire Council Licensing Board approved the liquor license at a private meeting.

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CEO Ronnie McNicol said, “The liquor license has been approved. It was more of a transfer of a license from Home Bargains’ old premises to the new premises. “

The independent politician added: “Home Bargains are giving up the license in their old premises. There were no problems. ”

By whizzing to the former Homebase unit, Home Bargains will have 2924 square meters of space – a large increase over the 929 square meters it has previously occupied.

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Home Bargains received permission from a council planning committee last year to change the trading rules on Homebase’s former premises to allow different types of products to be sold.

At the time, a statement filed with the council said the Home Bargains store in Irvine was doing “very well” and needed a “greater presence in Riverway.”

A garden center was part of the expansion proposals.

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