The new Robert Irvine series The Globe will be released on July 17th

Aside from Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay, there are few chefs who are as connected to the Food Network as Robert Irvine. The sober chef has been a fixture in the network since the early days, with Restaurant: Impossible, which is now considered the network’s staple.

In fact, Robert Irvine and Restaurant: Impossible have become so popular that there was so much fanfare that the network wisely decided to air the show on cable too.

It has now been announced that Irvine will steer his great personality and talent in a new direction. One that has a wider global reach and could bring viewers closer to cuisines and cooking styles they have never seen before.

As reported by Mashed, Irvine will host a new series for Discovery Plus called The Globe. On the show, chefs compete against each other to see who can customize and adopt the food and cooking styles of a particular city anywhere in the world. Think Chopped, but instead of baskets, chefs have to deal with cities.

The first season of The Globe, starring Robert Irvine, will consist of five episodes.

To win The Globe, four chefs compete against each other in three rounds, with the city being announced at the beginning of each round. Locations announced so far include Memphis, Lima, Mexico City, Maui, and more. To win, chefs Irvine, as well as chef Daniela Soto-Innes and a rotating star juror, have to impress. The winner of each episode will win a free trip to one of the cities they just used as inspiration.

But wait, there’s more. In the finals, the winners of the four previous episodes will compete for the grand prize of $ 25,000 and of course the important show-off rights that come with winning The Globe.

And of course this wouldn’t be a food network show without numerous guest appearances by cooking stars. The list includes such notable names as Masaharu Morimoto, Tenagne Belachew, Gabriele Bertaccini, Rupam Bhagat, Edgar Chase, Dominique Crenn, Robert Johnson, Bricia Lopez, and Ricardo Zarate.

So pack your things. The first season of The Globe, with five episodes, will air July 17th on Discovery Plus. The show was meant to appeal to both travel and food lovers, and if anyone has the personality to make a show like this a success, it is Robert Irvine.

What do you think guilty eaters? Does The Globe sound like a winner? Or is it a tough pass for you? Leave a comment below and let us know or join the discussion on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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