The Irvine Parks Guide 2020 has arrived

Fast forward to today’s collection of 271 parks with more per capita parking space than Seattle, Portland or Denver.

There are large parks like Mason Regional that are large enough to hold family reunions and summer concerts. Community parks like Bill Barber Park are filled with sports fields of all kinds. Each village has neighborhood parks where locals gather for holiday celebrations. After all, there are more than 200 smaller village parks that families can enjoy just steps away from their home.

Irvine’s planners believed that parks were key to community building. And now, more than ever, they offer places to exercise and relax. From walks at sunrise to walks at sunset, parks are a popular part of the Irvine experience.

Irvine’s parks are not all beautiful places. They are safe sources of fresh air and sunshine, right in our own garden.

This summer, use the Parks Guide to explore Irvine’s green spaces. You may find a new favorite place to play!

Check out the 2020 Irvine Parks Guide

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