The head of Irvine Vics says St. Cadoc’s Glens are in disguise as he assists the players after a heavy loss

Brian McLuckie insisted that there was no shame Irvine Vics lost 5-0 to St Cadoc’s – as the Glasgow-based team is Glenafton in disguise.

The Westenders boss believes last weekend’s scorers’ list flattered the star-studded hosts – a team he believes would be a force in the WoSFL Premier League, regardless of Conference B.

He said, “I was busy on Saturday and Sunday answering people who said we were going to hammer again.

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“The truth is they have 11 players who were in the Premier League with Glenafton last year while we have a group of young enthusiastic boys and a new loaner.

“The highlights can be seen on Youtube and I think anyone who sees them would see how well we fought for a large part of the game.

“We actually had better chances in the first half, we hit the woodwork and created some really good chances.

“We only went into the break 1-0 and I was thrilled with our performance.

“We were punished for our own mistakes in the second half, but that’s exactly what happens when you play high-profile players. All my goalkeeper had to do was get the ball out of the net five times while his goalkeeper had to make four or five saves. “

Vics host Port Glasgow this afternoon – three weeks after losing the second leg 5-1.

McLuckie insisted, “We’re constantly improving.”

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