The head of Irvine Meadow is hoping that changing the referee’s decisions for the cup balance will change his luck as he makes a “scandalous” decision

Colin Spence hopes Irvine Meadow’s luck will change with major referee decisions – and quickly.

The Medda boss was upset by some controversial calls for the second game in a row when his team lost 2-1 at home to Hurlford on Saturday.

Ryan McKie had scored a seemingly perfect goal in the first half, Meadow trailing by one.

Spence was also frustrated with a series of fouls that went on against his players all afternoon.

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He also missed out on defenders Mark McLennan and Jared Willet after the duo were dismissed by controversial Largs last weekend.

Spence said, “We’re just not getting the rubbing off the green right now.

Chris McKnight’s goal in the second half won it for Ford

“There was absolutely nothing wrong with Ryan’s goal.

“He was clearly standing in front of the goalkeeper to steer the ball home, but the referee told me he threw it out of the goalkeeper’s hands.

“Not a single Hurlford player appealed for anything. The keeper’s body language said it all. He knew he’d made a mistake.

“It was a scandalous decision.

“I don’t think we lost the game, but the goal would have got us back on track sooner.

“It’s two weeks in a row, now we’ve suffered from major referee decisions. This one wasn’t even a 60-40 call in my opinion. “

Meadow is taking a break from league service this weekend, and there’s a Soccer Shop Challenge Cup against Broxburn Athletic in the second round.

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Spence admits he faces a race against time to do his homework for the League side in East Scotland.

But he’s excited about the prospect of a good cup run this season.

He said, “It’s a good distraction for the players and cup runs can really keep your season going.”

Mark McLennan

“We’re going to be watching some videos of their games this week and going there in a positive mood.”

McLennan comes back in the crease, but Willet and self-isolating Liam Miller miss it.

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