The Christmas Village illuminates Irvine Park for the 33rd time

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wisconsin (WEAU) – It’s that time of year when 100,000 lights light up the night in Irvine Park for the annual Christmas Village.

For those close, and in some cases far, the Christmas village is a holiday tradition.

One that won’t stop COVID-19 this year.

“There are people who got married in the village, there are suggestions that came up in the village. The people have their Christmas picture, a family Christmas picture, in the village. So it’s an annual event for the people who come to the village, ”said Dick Hebert, director of parks, recreation and forestry at Chippewa Falls.

More than 200 volunteers helped transform the park into a Christmas village.

Help keep the lights on like every year and create new displays.

“It’s a police report, and that’s something we’ve been trying for many years. It was designed and painted by our artist Jeanne Arneson from the Christmas village, ”explained Hebert.

Fun for the whole family, you can safely view the sights from your car or walk through the park, says Hebert.

“People can definitely be safe when they stay in their vehicle. And then we encourage people to walk if they want to run. When they leave, people should wear a mask and social distance, ”he said.

A staple for Chippewa Falls, which extends beyond Irvine Park.

“Hopefully when they get into town they’ll do some shopping, or they’ll stop and refuel and go out to eat,” said Hebert.

The Christmas Village is open from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Thanksgiving through New Years

The park is free to walk, although donations are appreciated.

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