Suspects attempt armed robbery in Irvine after shadowing Los Angeles County victims – Orange County Register

Authorities searched at least four people suspected of chasing a person from Los Angeles County to Orange County and then attempted to rob them at a mall in Irvine over the weekend, police said Tuesday, April 27 .

The robbery attempt occurred on Sunday, April 25, around 4 p.m., Irvine police said in a press release. Investigators believe the suspects followed the victim to the mall parking lot near Harvard Avenue and Main Street.

As the victim crossed the parking lot, two men got out of a white Mercedes-Benz A220 and approached him. Another pair of suspects got out of a Nissan Sentra.

The victim noticed that one of the inmates of the Sentra had a gun and fled to a nearby restaurant, police said. The gunman chased after him but did not get into the business.

Instead, all four suspects gathered around a rented white Range Rover that was driven by the victim and parked in the parking lot. You appear to be saying something to a person sitting in dash cam footage released by the police. One of them then knocks on the passenger window three times before all four men return to their respective vehicles and take off.

“These guys were pretty brave to do this in broad daylight,” said Irvine Police Sgt. Karie Davies said. “It was pretty scary to find out for a lot of people in the community.”

Authorities believe the crime is targeted and that there is no ongoing threat to the community, Davies said. He crossed Irvine on the way to another destination.

The victim noticed a white Mercedes A220 that appeared to be following him as he drove to Orange County that day, Davies said.

Although he did not recognize any of the people who tried to rob him, he told police that he thought he might have been singled out for wearing designer clothes.

Further information on the origin of the incident was not available on Tuesday evening. A detailed description of the suspects who appeared in footage of the attempted robbery was not immediately released. The vehicles they drove in had tinted windows. The Sentra was described as gray with a black rear bumper and damage to the left rear sidewall.

Authorities continued to investigate the matter Tuesday, Davies said. Authorities asked anyone with information they might find useful to call Irvine Police Detective Haldor Larum at 949-724-7194 or [email protected]

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