Sprouts pays 56 workers at the Irvine Store – Orange County Register $ 51,430 in arrears

Sprouts Farmers Markets paid 56 workers at its Irvine store $ 51,430 in post-wages after a federal investigation found the grocer improperly paid them.

The violations were committed while employees in the bakery, deli, meat / seafood, and health and beauty departments were logged off, but were working before and after shifts and during meal breaks, according to the Department of Labor’s payroll department.

Recalculating employee time resulted in overtime.

“Employers must carefully and closely track work hours to ensure they are paying workers all the hard-earned wages they deserve,” said Richard Longo, assistant regional administrator for San Francisco’s Wages and Hours department. “Work done before or after a scheduled shift needs to be recorded and paid for. Other employers should use the results of this research to review their own practices and ensure that they comply with the law. “

The Irvine store at 3775 Alton Parkway in Westpark Plaza employs 118 people. Sprouts is based in Phoenix and employs 30,000 people in 300 stores in 20 states.

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