Some Food Network viewers really hate Robert Irvine

The Food Network began 27 years ago with a personable list of stars who simply taught average Americans the art of gastronomy. Over the years, the show built these stars into superstars, sometimes with massive egos. As a result, some of these stars have run into trouble while others are thriving.

Guy Fieri is a good example of the list of hosts on the network that are usually never involved in controversy. However, Robert Irvine appears to have a bevy of fans who still believe he lied about his previous references. On social media, some have even shown envy of his fitness style. On the other hand, others praise his work with his charities, among other things.

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What are fans saying about Robert Irvine on social media?

Those who watch the Food Network regularly will know Irvine from his once great hit, Dinner: Impossible. When the show kicked off in 2007, it became an instant hit, prompting Irvine to publish an autobiography that played on some of his supposedly formidable credentials.

In his book, he claimed he worked on Princess Diana’s wedding cake, worked in the White House, studied at Leeds University and a British knighthood. As a result, The Food Network temporarily fired Irvine from Dinner: Impossible, according to Eater. He was back within a year after confirming he’d topped up his credentials, which was changed in new copies of his book. The fans were forgiving too, so the show took another year to develop into its even bigger hit: Restaurant: Impossible.

However, some fans have never forgiven Irvine for falsifying facts on his résumé. At least he admitted his flaws when some fans show envy, as he always puts fitness into the equation on his shows.

Food Network fans keep talking about Robert Irvine on Reddit

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Recently someone made a suggestion on Reddit that Irvine’s fitness could be wrong too. Someone started a thread that says they only seem to work their chest and arms and maybe they give advice on using steroids or HGH.

These claims are clearly unfounded and some fans disagreed with the allegation. Others are still on the verge of not liking Irvine as a person. One user said: “He was once a judge at GGG and a big dick for the contestants. I didn’t know anything about him before, but now I refuse to look at his things. Though I know he and Guy are good friends and whatever. “

Another user countered with this: “No, he is not. He was in my hometown for rebuilding and I was in the background. Perfect gentleman apart from time constraints. “No other star on the Food Network seems as polarizing as Irvine. Negative fans can say what they want, but Irvine continues to achieve success on the network. As other fans note, he also does community service in several notable categories.

Robert Irvine’s favorite charities

There’s a good reason Irvine continues to be a mainstay on the Food Network. His dedication to Children Uniting Nations was notable in helping less fortunate children with ceremonies like the Oscars. Irvine also has its own foundation to help active, retired, or veteran military personnel. He even recently returned restaurants suffering from coronavirus (COVID-19) to follow the basic premise of Restaurant: Impossible.

Many of his charities still earn him a code of respect from the majority. However, some fans still use social media to search for people they consider suspicious. A little Reddit thread will never stop Irvine from being as ubiquitous on TV as his friend Guy Fieri.

Not many chefs in the past have incorporated fitness into their brands like Irvine does. Perhaps that makes him a sitting duck for those who really love to eat and never shed the pounds.

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