Shoppers come into effect to support Irvine’s food, beverage and gifts market after lockdown

In Irvine yesterday there were enthusiastic buyers in droves for the first Rivergate market.

The niche market breathed new life into the city, which needs a pick-me-up after the lockdown.

Vendors selling their wares were a sight for the shopping crowd determined to show their support.

The most popular stall of the day had to be the Erincroft Bakery, which had a few crumbs on the table at lunchtime.

Brian from the bakery said, “It was mental, they cleaned me up completely! A great day.”

Rhona and Christina of Designs on Dogs – a bespoke doggie boutique – said, “We were so busy today. I think the marketplace is a great thing because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of buying online. Lots of people have brought their dogs over, so we can measure them on their jackets. “

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Brian from Erincroft Bakery

Brian from Erincroft Bakery

Glen of Glenwoodcraft said, “It’s been a fantastic day. It’s amazing to be outside again.”

SWIG Ginger’s Alick McDonald is excited to start his business in town.

He said, “This is the first day and it will take time to get the market established, but it has been a good day for it as there is no sign of rain.”

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Meanwhile, Dave, who runs the CBD booth, said, “It was fantastic. I’m out here to educate the public. It’s good that this market started, I was down to my last half a million.”

Guests spent the day weaving between the stalls while organizers handed out fried food and vendors smiled and waved.

Nice change for the lockdown-recovering Irvine

The market was a nice change for the Irvine, who had recovered

The smell of street food wafted through the market area as the stalls blocked the sad view of the shutters of closed shutters that bore the brunt of the lockdown.

The new street market project takes place every second Friday of the month from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the next one is planned for Friday, May 28th.

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