San Diego Meals Financial institution Day to Donate Drive-By Meals Drive | December 2, 2020 | From Murphy Canyon

Support our Donation Day on Wednesday December 2nd with FOX5 San Diego and iHeart Radio:

Take part From Murphy Canyon on Wednesday December 2nd for ours Day to donate Event at Vons Murphy Canyon FOX 5 San Diego and I was listening to the radio!

Stop by on your way to school or work and donate a $ 5 hunger bag to a family in need! Food Bank staff and volunteers will follow all CDC and Social Distancing guidelines. Donors are encouraged to put donated food into their vehicles. Please keep all windows open when entering the fundraiser, just open the truck and a volunteer will remove the donated food. Donations can also be made at cash registers.

Donation Day: Vons Murphy Canyon
WHERE: 3550 Murphy Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92123
WHEN: Wednesday 2nd December 2020
TIME: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

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Our drive-thru “Day to Donate” event is sponsored by La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa.


Other ways to help:

Donate online:
For every $ 1 donation, the Food Bank can offer 5 meals to families in need. And if you donate before December 31st, you can deduct your donation from your 2020 taxes.

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Donate as a Christmas present to a loved one:
Wondering what Christmas present to buy for a friend or family member? Give the gift of food on their behalf to a family in need. Donate online to the Food Bank as a Christmas present for a loved one, and your award winner will receive a letter of confirmation and a letter of thanks from the Food Bank.

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Virtual Food Drive – donate food online:
You can now safely donate groceries online using your credit card! It’s easy! Click the blue DONATE NOW button below to redirect to our Holiday Food Drive Virtual Food Drive where you can select and pay for the groceries you want to donate using your debit / credit card. We receive the donation and distribute food to families in need.

You can even customize a Virtual Food Drive for your school, business, faith-based organization, or civic group!

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Organize a food drive:
The Food Bank encourages all schools, businesses, civic groups, and religious organizations in San Diego County to conduct a Food Drive on behalf of the Food Bank. Hosting a food drive is easy and fun.

To register for a Food Drive, CLICK HERE

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