Robert Irvine sympathizes with frustration at discovering Food Network +

A few days earlier, Irvine attempted to strike an optimistic note with disgruntled Restaurant: Impossible fans. He replied on Twitter to Katie Action, who said she refused to pay for the discovery but still needed her RI correction, “Let’s see what happens next, OK?”’s Twitter account wondered where RI was going. Irvine replied, “Well, it’s switched to @discoveryplus for now, but stay tuned, that may change.”

Everywhere RI lands, that particular real-life drama that’s unfolding on social media among viewers, networks and stars is the result of the crazy, messed up world that’s now on TV – as Reality Blurred points out . The Discovery Networks say they rely on cable for their primary source of income, and yet they seem to be shooting themselves in the foot by taking programming off the cable to join the legion of streamers out there: Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and those who rest.

If streaming is the future, cable subscribers may want to jump the ship before it completely sinks. On the other hand, it says on Twitter that Irvine’s first show, Dinner: Impossible, is returning to the Food Network with a brand new season after an 11 year hiatus (via IMDb). Maybe the network cares about Irvine’s fans after all.

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