Robert Irvine revealed what happened after contracting COVID-19 last summer

Robert Irvine gave several media interviews during the first week of August promoting the special season of Restaurant: Impossible. The timeline he gave in an interview showed that he must have contracted COVID-19 while filming the new season – although he said nothing about it at the time. “In the past four or five weeks we’ve literally visited six restaurants in different states,” Irvine told WGN9 in an interview that aired on Aug. 3. That schedule would have covered the whole of July, the same month that he spent six days in a hospital.

Irvine spoke to FOX Business on Aug. 5 (via YouTube), and while he happened to mention a two-day hospital stay in March after contracting food poisoning, Irvine said nothing to the FOX interviewer or anyone else at the time about being hospitalized the previous month. Perhaps Irvine didn’t mean to advertise the show badly by reporting that he contracted COVID-19 while traveling to multiple states and meeting restaurant owners and employees.

Or maybe – just maybe – was this a case of Irvine playing with the timeline? The Food Network temporarily dumped Irvine in 2008 after it was discovered he had lied on his professional résumé, falsely claiming he cooked for four U.S. presidents and helped with Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding cake (via The New York Times ).

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