Robert Irvine previews Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business

Irvine is back with Restaurant Impossible: Back in business on Thursday night at 9 p.m. on the Food Network.

CLEVELAND – Chef Robert Irvine is unmistakable.

From his booming accented voice reflecting his UK upbringing, to his huge biceps showing his dedication to health and fitness, to his relentless work ethic and dedication to humanitarian causes.

Irvine is back with a brand new season of Restaurant Impossible that kicks off Thursday night at 9pm on the Food Network. But this won’t be like any other season you’ve ever seen before.

Restaurants across the country are struggling to stay afloat due to COVID-19. Irvine wanted to return to support restaurants previously featured on the show that are affected by the current pandemic.

“I told the Food Network,” I can no longer sit at home, I have to go back to work, “he says.

So the answer was “Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business”.

Forced to adapt to a new way of doing business due to the coronavirus, Irvine seeks to save desperate owners from total breakdown. He’ll look at everything from the restaurant’s finances and technology to security logs and menus.

“We really make a huge difference,” Irvine told me. “Restaurant Impossible is always emotional, but that’s different. The pandemic affects everyone, including 11 million food and hospitality workers. I’m usually an intense guy, but we get back to family members we visited before and it is.” a very different feeling of a show. “

Two of Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business bailouts are taking place in Northeast Ohio facilities: Edgar’s in Akron and Garrett’s Mill Brewing Company in Garrettsville. It’s easy to see that Irvine has an affinity for this area and the people he saved.

“I just think the people of northeast Ohio are amazing,” he enthused. “You work hard, you worry. You are the real salt of the people of the earth.”

Irvine considers Garrett’s Mill Brewing Company to be possibly the best makeover he has ever had in his career. In fact, it is the place he most wishes he could own.

“It’s the nicest restaurant I’ve ever seen on a river,” he added. “I just fell in love with the people there and didn’t want to leave.”

However, the chef also has a soft spot for Edgar’s owner Glenn Gillespie and the rest of the staff at Akron Restaurant.

“We had a couple of intense moments, but I’ll tell you the first time I left him (Gillespie), I found a friend, a brother, and got really close,” recalled Irvine. “When I came back it was like seeing a family.”

“Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business” comes at a critical time for the restaurant and hotel industry. According to Irvine, 35% of all restaurants in the US have been lost to COVID-19. He hopes the logs and information he provides on the show can be a blueprint for other companies both inside and outside the service industry.

Watch Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business on Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. ET on the Food Network. You can follow Robert Irvine on Twitter here.

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