Roadrunner parted ways with Irvine No. 20 and defeated the first-placed opponent since 2018 | University

Aaron Casillas, who wanted to extend his lead at California State University Bakersfield by returning from second baseman with Joe Stevens’ single, was shot down on a plate in seven home games with the University of California, Irvine.

The gamble was unsuccessful, but at this point Casillas’ audacity could be forgiven as everything else was on its way during the game.

Casillas drove five races to help CSUB build a lead in eight races, and Roadrunners 11-9, the country’s 20th team, in the second game of the double header at Hardt Field on Saturday. Overcame the miserable 8 innings.

Because I met that time – no. 23 UNLV, March 6, 2018, CSUB lost five defeats in a row to high-ranking opponents, including a 1: 2 defeat by Anteaters in their first game on Saturday.

But the runners gained control at the start of Game 2. Casillas doubled the lead with a single from two runs after Kobe Silva and Nick Grossman each scored 2-0.

He added another two-run single to the third inning of four runs and scored a fifth RBI with another single in the seventh. Grossman came into play with Stevens’ third RBI before Casillas was thrown home and CSUB were 11-3 ahead.

Casillas, Stevens, Silva and Grossman all scored three goals after scoring five runs in a four-game set against Long Beach State University last weekend and one run in the opening round on Saturday. So the game is a game that road runners have to attack. 2 was a necessary leap.

Most noticeably, they played against the anteater Michael Frias. He went into the game 8-0, but was followed after 2 1/3 and allowed 8 runs (7 goals).

“”Casillas spoke about the aggressive show. “A lot of guys had a hard time (but) some guys showed up and put a few balls into play even when they were out. Hitting is all about confidence and the second game. Everyone was great. “

Irvine’s 6-run, 8-time lead was significantly reduced so all runs were needed. The big hit in the fight was a triple home run by Mike Peabody, who shot a triple shot into the right outfield.

The tie was first and ninth, and Peabody reappeared. CSUB trainer Jeremy Beard picked up the newcomer Jackley and closed the door.

Peabody gave the crowd on the hard field a brief shock when he lifted another ball into his right fielder, but went so far below that Grossman could catch it in front of the warning lane. Lee ended the parade by flying Jacob Castro to the left.

“Jack Lee was there for us all year. Jack came along and he was a very competitive boy. He told me he was going to bring out a ground ball and he got two pop-ups that looked a bit sketchy in the wind and we could come up with them and win the ball game. “

That win stopped Irvine’s eight straight wins, bringing CSUB to 17-14 in the Big West. The results selected for last place in the league were also a victory for the program that has already exceeded expectations.

“We are proud of these people,” said Beard. They’re adamant … they believe they can beat anyone they play. I think we should all be proud of this group. Trying to win multiple streaks can be difficult to be accepted and respected at the same time. “

Roadrunners want to split the series when the teams meet at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday for the series finale.

Renegade wins split at Alan Hancock

Two days after Alan Hancock’s attack, the Bakersfield College baseball team recovered the second double-header split on the road on Saturday.

Wesley Bradford scored a triple go ahead double in the sixth inning, and BC retired to kick off a 7-1 win.

Offensive support was more than enough for Block Baron, who allowed a three-hit run while recording six strikeouts in six innings.

14-7 Renegade will end the regular season next week with two double heads against Oxnard. They will travel to Oxnard on Thursday and do a double header next Saturday at 3pm and 6pm.

Alan Hancock stepped on the frame and trained 2-1 and scored 5 runs in the 6th inning, won 7-2, another big 6 innings Renegade in Game 2.

In the second inning, Mark Ribeiro’s two-piece double was all BC could collect.

Roadrunner parted ways with Irvine No. 20 and defeated the first-placed opponent since 2018 | College Source Link Roadrunners parted ways with Irvine # 20, beating first-placed opponent since 2018 | University

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