Ready to roll on Irvine’s 363 mile long bike paths

When Deborah Hinderstein decided to move to Southern California from bike-friendly Boulder, Colorado, she chose Irvine.

“The paths and bike paths here are fantastic,” says Hinderstein, who drives 150 miles a week. “It’s better than Boulder because there are lots of places to go horse riding and lots of cyclists. I don’t know which other city has this flexibility. “

She’s not the only one affected by the bike bug this spring. According to The NPD Group, which tracks national sporting goods sales, recreational bike sales rose more than 200% year over year in April.

Rock N Road Cyclery in Woodbury town center saw a boom in interest.

“Bicycling is a great way for almost anyone to get exercise and stay in shape,” says owner Matt Ford.

A variety of bike paths

Irvine is suitable for every type of riding, from mountain biking to racing biking to commuting.

The city offers 301 miles of on-street bike paths and nearly 62 miles of off-street bike paths. The system extends from the mountains to the coast and connects neighborhoods with parks, shopping centers and business centers.

Irvine is also close to popular mountain biking spots like Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Peters Canyon, and O’Neill Regional Park.

One trend that has picked up this spring is family cycling, says Ford. People dust the bikes in the garage, bring them in for repairs, or buy new bikes to ride together.

“It was a great opportunity for us as a family to hang out,” says Nancy Park of Portola Springs, who recently started riding with her two children. “My kids always had soccer or volleyball, so we never really took the time to ride bikes. It was so much fun. “

How to get started

If you want to ride a bike, you should first set your goal, says Ford. Do you want to get fit? Driving casually with your family and friends?

“It’s always fun when you ride with someone else,” he says.

Before you go shopping, decide how much you want to spend on your new bike.

One option is electric bicycles. They’re great for beginners to keep up with advanced cyclists or just enjoy the freedom of getting around without a car.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the store.

“I still ride my bike every day,” says Ford, who founded Rock N Road Cyclery 29 years ago. “We share our passion. You won’t get rich working in a bike shop. It’s a way of life. I love the community. I love sport. “

Find a path that suits you

Hicks Canyon Trail

This pleasant 2 mile wagon features a two lane, paved path along Hicks Canyon Wash and is largely shaded by majestic eucalyptus trees. Connects to the Peters Canyon Trail for longer trips.

Mountains to the sea
Mountains to the sea

This trail is the backbone of the 57,500 acres of preserved open space at Irvine Ranch and winds through oak canyons and along creek beds to Upper Newport Bay.

Shady Canyon Trail

Shady Canyon Trail

Breathtaking views of Strawberry Farms Golf Course and the preserved slopes create a scenic scene on this 4km bike path that connects Quail Hill to Bommer Canyon.

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