Police arrest the 18-year-old man who allegedly dedicated a sequence of break-ins in Irvine – Orange County Register

An 18-year-old man arrested over the weekend admitted to having committed at least 10 break-ins in residential areas in Irvine, police said Tuesday.

Aspenn G. Jones, a Rialto resident, is facing charges on home invasion, home burglary and other charges, said Kim Mohr, an Irvine police spokeswoman.

Around 3 a.m. Sunday, Irvine police responded to a report of a break-in in Reggio Aisle and found three female teenagers in possession of property that was alleged to be stolen by a resident, Mohr said.

While questioning the youth outside, officers saw Jones approach the area sweaty and out of breath, police said. Another resident told officials he chased Jones out of his home in Santorini – a quarter of a mile away.

According to the police, Jones had entered the house in Santorini, woke a woman and asked for her car keys. The woman made family members aware of the break-in and a male resident chased Jones out of the house, police said.

Jones, allegedly linked to the Reggio Aisle break-in, and the three teenagers were arrested.

Jones later admitted the break-in in Santorini, police said, as well as a break-in in residential areas in San Remo on September 1 and others last month.

Anyone with information on the case is encouraged to contact Detective Justin Brouwer at 949-724-7124 or [email protected]

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