Paul Cao of Burnt Crumbs in Irvine and Huntington Beach wins ‘Chopped’ – Orange County Register

Orange County’s chefs have had a streak of victories on the Food Network in just over a year with a third winner on the Chopped competition show.

Shachi Mehra from Adya and Rachel Klemek from Blackmarket Bakery won shows in September and October last year. Now Paul Cao has won and takes first place on Tuesday, September 22nd.

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“We’re like LA’s stepchild, but we have a lot of talented, talented chefs out there,” said Cao. “If that’s what it takes to shine a little light and draw attention to Orange County, I’m glad I’m a part of it.”

  • Contestant Paul Cao on Round 1 as seen in Chopped, Season 46. Cao is the cook / owner of Burnt Crumbs in Irvine. (Courtesy Food Network)

  • Contestant Paul Cao as seen in Chopped, season 46. Cao is the head chef / owner of Burnt Crumbs in Irvine. (Courtesy Food Network)

  • Chef Paul Cao won “Chopped” on the Food Network. (Courtesy Burnt Crumbs)

The sixth episode of the 46th season, entitled “Soup and Sandwich Savvy” played out Cao’s strengths. He is the chef and owner of Burnt Crumbs in Irvine and Huntington Beach and Burntzilla in Irvine, the restaurants known for their spaghetti and cheese sandwiches.

He won over the judges with a dish he ate as a child. “I was beaten pretty well by the judges on the first round, but on the second round I felt pretty good doing the banh mi with the duck broth jus. Falling back on what I knew, I am just very grateful for all of the years helping my aunt in her long-running Banh Mi shop in Little Saigon! “

The program was taped in New York City more than a year ago, so Cao can host a live Instagram video to answer questions for his fans. What would he do with the $ 10,000 prize?

“COVID took that,” he quipped.

Look at it: Food Network will air reruns of “Chopped” Season 46, Episode 6, “Soup and Sandwich Savvy” with Paul Cao. Check the game times on

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