Outdoor drinking schedules at Irvine Harborside venues approved

The two port venues are allowed to drink outdoors as venues continue to adjust following the recent easing of the blockade.

Irvine’s Harbor Lights will open a beer garden in a popular pub, and The Niche will expand the interior of the restaurant to accommodate al fresco drinks. [Monday, May 24]..

Admiral Taverns Piccadilly Ltd has requested to add an alfresco drink to the popular Harbor Lights Bar on Harbor Street. At the rear of the building there are two areas for outdoor drinks.

Barbara Gorman, manager of Harbor Rights, said: There is a plate on top that needs to be decorated with a new fence and a small painting, but it is not that noticeable.

“We think we should be ready for a week on Tuesday to make all the plans.”

Meanwhile, on Montgomery Street, niche boss Colin Martiner has requested that the on-site seating be increased and the front walkway expanded to include al fresco beverages.

He also asked for permission to include the sale and delivery of alcohol in the company’s operational plans.

According to the meeting documents of the approval committee, there is already an outdoor drinking area with another entrance on the right side of the building, the building is now being expanded and this area will be added, with an internal sales capacity being increased from 14 to.

They also asked for six two-seater tables to be set up on the sidewalk along the site’s walls.

NAC Roads does not contradict this proposal. This has the consent to be monitored to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians in the affected area, there is no resistance from the police and there should be at least 2 meters free.

A niche restaurant spokeswoman told the Times that he plans to start changing the layout of the building later this year, but will likely do so in 2022.

This came after it was previously announced that Irvine’s R&A Sports Bar and High Street Restaurant would be opening a new barber shop in a popular pub after the plan was approved by a North Ayrshire licensee. This is.

Irvine Harborside Venues Outdoor Drinking Plans Approved Source Link Irvine Harborside Venues Outdoor Drinking Plans Approved

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