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Orange County: The Best OC Attractions for Adventurers and Explorers

Jul 19

The OC is the perfect place for those who are looking to experience true California adventure. With a combination of vibrant cities all coming together in Orange County, this county offers something for everyone. From sports and amusement parks to museums, you’ll never be bored when visiting the OC!

To help make your decision easier on what to do while visiting the OC, here is a list of some of the best attractions that await you:

VW Bus with Surfboards in Orange County CA

Knott's Berry Farm:

The original Knott family farm in Buena Park, this place has all sorts of culture in one location. This includes Western Americana that will make you feel like you stepped back in time while still keeping up with modern times. Knott's is great for families looking to have fun together without going too far from home base. If thrill seekers are looking for their fix outside of Disneyland then Knott's Berry Farm is sure to do the trick.


Fullerton Arboretum:

Located on Fullerton College campus, this arboretum features over 40 acres of plants and trees spread throughout ten gardens including the Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden. There are plenty of events happening year-round as well so you can always find something new to do. This is one of the most beautiful parks in Orange County and a great place for some peace or quiet. If you're looking for something more social opportunities with friends or family there are plenty of options thanks to its wide variety of activities like education lectures, yoga classes, hikes in nature preserves nearby- even dog walking!


Balboa Island:

Balboa Island is a beach-side community that can be accessed by taking the historic ferry from Newport Beach. Its most famous landmark would have to be its iconic carousel which has been operating since 1924! Balboa offers more than 20 restaurants, shops, and boutiques for visitors to explore or enjoy some of the best live entertainment in Orange County with their families. Visitors will find themselves surrounded by sandy beaches as well as colorful homes on this charming town not far off the Pacific Coast Highway – it should be on your not miss your list if you're looking for beautiful California coastal communities like these!



The original Disney amusement park can be bound right in Anaheim.  It is a world-class experience that attracts guests from all around, so whether local or visiting here, one day won't be enough to get the full experience! Plan an extended stay to get the full Disneyland experience and witness Walt’s magic firsthand; after all this place has been making memories for millions of families since 1955.


Mission San Juan Capistrano:

Mission San Juan Capistrano was founded in 1776, and is the home of one of California’s first vineyards which were located on the Mission grounds. The mission also has a museum that serves as an information hub for those who are interested in learning more about OC history! Visitors can enjoy picnic areas and walking paths through some beautiful stretches of natural habitat to get away from it all or stay immersed with nature while you take in your surroundings at this historic site.


Angels Stadium:

Take a walk through the gates of Angel Stadium and you'll feel like an explorer stepping into uncharted territory. With towering lights, deafening sound from speakers pumping music throughout each level, tempting smells wafting over concession areas with every type of food imaginable, or souvenirs lining up at merchandising stands - there's always something to explore! For those looking for the quintessential summertime activity in Orange County, it doesn't get any better than a game day in Anaheim.


Doheny State Beach:

This awesome beach is one of the most beautiful in Southern California and makes for a perfect day in Dana Point. Doheny is a great place to spend an entire day or even just a few hours soaking up some sun and enjoying the scenery. There are more than two miles of beachfront that you can explore, as well as plenty of activities you can enjoy with your friends and family like volleyball games, fishing opportunities, and surfing lessons for beginners. The water at this beach is always clean so it’s also perfect if you want to go swimming too! They have showers on site so feel free to rinse off before going out into town again afterward.


Santa Ana Zoo:

The zoo is known as a hidden gem of Orange County. It offers 6 guided tours which each come with their own attractions, so there's something for everyone to enjoy! This includes the whole family no matter what age or interest level- kids will love it because they can see animals up close while adults are treated to an immersive journey around endangered species and conservation efforts in Southern California.


We hope you have a chance to explore some of these family-friendly summer activities in Orange County and take the time to enjoy your loved ones. If you find the crowds a bit stressful after the past year then another local Orange County business can help, visit OC Wellness Solutions for a tasty CBD treat that will help smooth the edges of a hectic summer.