NHS worker’s nightmare rat nest at Irvine’s property as mother fears rodent infestation will spread

An NHS worker beat up North Ayrshire Council for its “weak” response to a rat infestation on an Irvine estate.

Key worker Lynn Mcallister first spied on a rat in her neighbor’s garden a month ago, but claims she has found more in her yard since then.

The mother of two says more residents in the area’s online group have complained about the growing pest problem, and estimates the rat’s nest extends well across Lanfine and the Girdle Toll region.

Lynn said, “I estimate there are around 50 rats in the area. After chatting online with other neighbors, it’s clear the problem is over.

“It’s a nightmare, I’m absolutely sick.

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“When I first called the council I was told it would take three days for someone to come out and I wasn’t happy with that. Someone said they would get in touch but I didn’t hear anything. That was last week .

“Other neighbors were visited and the environmental team posted letters saying the problem started because someone was feeding birds.

“This is a bigger problem than someone who feeds birds. They are all over the area.

“I find the Council’s weak reaction just ridiculous. They don’t take it as seriously as they should.”

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On the area’s social media page, a resident asked, “Has anyone else noticed an increase in rat activity in the area?”

Many who responded claimed to have spied on rats in their home, underpass, garden bushes, garden sheds and near the Spar store.

The North Ayrshire Council says they will investigate next week.

A spokeswoman for the local authority said, “We can confirm that we have received complaints about rat sightings in Girdle Toll.

“A pest control officer investigated the area on Wednesday March 31st and was unable to identify a source of rats or locate any burrows.

“Residents of the area who have missed food for birds have been advised to stop and avoid missing bird food while the situation is being investigated.

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“Another survey of the site will be conducted early next week.”

But Lynn said she had never had rat problems in her 15 years in the area.

The indignant key worker said, “I’m sorry, but that’s not good enough. This problem wasn’t caused by someone feeding the birds. It’s a really bad problem.

“The blame of birdhouses for this amount of rats in such a large area is not good enough.

“The private pest control person who was in the area said the problem was too big for them to solve.

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“No help is coming. I expect the council to take this seriously given the health implications. I hope they at least provide bait and traps to residents, blame no birdhouses, and don’t return calls.”

“I’ve lived in the area for 15 years and never had a rat problem. I was told there was a rat problem in the city center, but now that it is closed they appear to have emigrated.”

Neighbors believe recent construction work in the area may have disrupted a huge rodent nest.

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Residents believe that ongoing work at Montgomery Park may have caused the pests to spread to the area.

But Lynn is still confident that the council will find a solution to the situation.

She said, “I can understand an odd or two, but not this amount. I want you to take us seriously and examine the houses.

“I’m scared of rats and so are my two children. Sometimes I don’t even want to go into my house; it scares me.

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