Little Onion Mexican Restaurant’s Irvine location closes – Orange County Register

The second location of the Mexican restaurant Little Onion closed after a little less than a year. His last service was Sunday November 8th.

Owner Lori Reich Rowe said she fought really hard to stay open, but timing was everything. “It’s because of COVID,” she said. “It’s the loss of business for full service restaurants with reduced dining room capacity. We’re getting into the colder months and it’s going to get worse because nobody wants to eat outside. Maybe it was good for a short time, but long term? It’s just not sustainable. “

Her location in Santa Ana will remain open, in fact it will be expanded, she said. The company is a family business that she will not give up. it is very important to her.

In 1963, Lorin Reich bought a red onion site in Hawthorne and converted it into the small onion. He closed the restaurant in the mid 1970s. In 1972 he opened another small onion in Santa Ana. His daughter Lori Reich Rowe had managed this location and expanded to Irvine, which opened on Tuesday November 19th last year.

The location of the Mexican restaurant Little Onion in Irvine is closed, announced the owner Lori Rowe shown here. Their location in Santa Ana will remain open, in fact it will be expanded making the temporary patio area permanent. (Courtesy Little Onion)

Some of the staff, including the head chef, will now work at the Santa Ana site. “We’re going to create the patio space, it’s temporary now, but we’re working on making it permanent,” Rowe said. “We are very happy about it.”

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Rowe also said that in due course she would like to expand with another restaurant. But now she invites all of her loyal customers to her original location. “You are missed very much,” she said. “So come and see us in Santa Ana. We really, really appreciate the support. Come on, we’ll be right down the street. “

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