Lidl loses enchantment over Irvine grocery store supply

The North Ayrshire Council’s local review panel has rejected Lidl’s appeal to build in Irvine, ending a year-long saga.

Provost Ian Clarkson and the city council met this morning to hear arguments for and against the plan for a deal at Crompton Way, near the Stanecastle Roundabout.

After a tense debate this afternoon, the local review panel dismissed the appeal on the grounds that the deal is undermining the city center’s first policy that will encourage car use and is inconsistent with the character of the surrounding area.

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Labor councilor Robert Foster and the two SNP council members Christina Larsen and Shaun Macauley endorsed the Lidl store, which is to be built under traffic management conditions.

Councilor Ian Clarkson, Chairman Tom Marshall, Councilors Robert Barr, Donald Reid, McNicol and Billings all voted against the appeal.

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