Irvine’s structure is timeless

ARCHITECTS ARE Opinions are seldom lacking, but most agree: Irvine is timeless.

For the trained eye, this means a place that will be revered for generations, not just the range of the latest trends.

For the resident it is more subtle. Irvine’s timelessness is evident in the daily experiences in a shopping center, on an office campus or in a residential village.

“Architecture connects people and places,” says John Koga, Vice President Planning & Design of the Irvine Company. “The attention to detail and the craftsmanship show a commitment to quality.”

The Irvine Company has partnered with some of the world’s most renowned architects to design Irvine buildings, including the late IM Pei and his firm, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. Pei’s most famous works include the glass pyramid entrance to the Louvre in Paris and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

Pei’s consistent philosophy of beautiful interiors and exteriors inspired the Irvine Company to select his company to design the company’s most iconic buildings, including the Irvine Spectrum Towers and Spectrum Terrace office communities.

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