Irvine’s residents are healthy, happy, and fit

IRVINE HAS TWO EXCELLENT HOSPITALS in the heart of the city – by nature.

Hoag and Kaiser Permanente are anchoring the Sand Canyon Medical Corridor, the master of which was planned to provide comprehensive medical care within minutes of everyone’s home. (In comparison, fewer than half of Orange County’s cities even have a single hospital.)

The master plan’s promise of “balance” also includes a healthy lifestyle with numerous parks, open spaces, bike paths, sports fields and farm-fresh food.

In three recent studies – the Anthem Foundation’s Fittest Cities in America, Niche’s Healthiest Places to Living in America, and WalletHub’s Healthiest US Cities – Irvine was named one of America’s ten healthiest cities.

Nature connection

Irvine’s master plan has created one of the greenest cities in America, with 271 parks and access to 57,500 acres of open space that has been likened to a “national park in our backyard”. The advantages? According to recent research, when we walk in all of this nature, we feel calmer, happier, and more creative.

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