Irvine’s reply to the Blues Brothers, The Sneakers Bros, releases a enjoyable festive movie and single

Irvine’s answer to the Blues Brothers, Shoes Bros, is celebrating Christmas with another festive offering.

Boyfriends Rev. Neil Urquhart and Father Willie Boyd have released a short film that takes the form of a slightly different zoom call and featured in their Christmas single, “Don’t Worry About A Thing!” Peaks. and a lightsaber tournament between ‘Master Obi-Neil’ and ‘Darth Willie’.

Rev. Neil said, “Father Willie and I love meeting up through Zoom every week to record Soul Sunday. During the early lockdown, we were honored to have so many heroes and stars from our community as Zoom guests on our Shoes Brothers’ show on Sunday night. So it made sense to have some fun with Zoom.

“We laugh so much when we make these films. Okay, our dance is horrific and the only time we meet the ‘High C’s’ is on board a boat, but we really believe every word in the song.

“Irvine Beat are great allies in their willingness to play our single regularly in the run-up to Christmas and New Years, which allows thousands of our local community to capture the mood and hopefully incorporate the life giving words into their own lives.”

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Father Willie added, “We knew this year it would be difficult to keep our community engaged in our usual antics of trying to engage people both in person and through the internet.

“But where there’s a will, there’s a way” and did our best with the help of songwriter Alan Campbell, filmmaker Stuart (Bill) Forsyth and make-up artist Dorothy Urquhart.

Fortunately, North Ayrshire and Fullarton ConneXions stayed in Tier 3 and provided a safe location for filming while respecting restrictions. Hopefully our beliefs, fun and laughter are contagious at a time when people need an elevator. “

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Neil and Willie have been friends for over 18 years and live across the street from the Irvine River.

But over the past 10 years they have become “soul mates” with their weekly 15-minute radio show “Soul Sunday” on Sunday mornings at 9.25am.

Historically, the musical couple has had different appearances: Two Shepherds in ‘Journativity’, The Min in Black, Saruman and Gandalf, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Shush Springsteen and Bonzo, Nellie Mercury and Brian Willmay and of course, ‘Darth Vader and Luke-Skywalker’ .

The Shoes Bros firmly believe that the Beatitudes of Jesus instruct us not to take ourselves too seriously, but that God’s love and peacemaking fill and flood us with respect and care for one another.

Watch the film now at

Available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play, “The Shoes Brothers – Don’t Worry About A Thing”.

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