Irvine’s Aldi store to distribute more groceries to charities in need

Irvine’s Aldi store is urging charities, community groups, and food banks to register to receive excess food donations on a regular basis.

The supermarket giant, in partnership with Neighborly, helps food banks and charities across the country year round.

However, Irvine’s North Ayrshire business can now support even more organizations in the area.

Organizations working with the stores can collect fresh local food and products that are nearing the end of their shelf life – including fruits, vegetables and bread.

Mary Dunn, Managing Director, Corporate Responsibility at Aldi UK, said: “Our food donation program plays an important role in ensuring that fresh and healthy food is available to those in need all year round, and allows us to redistribute excess inventory that would otherwise go to waste.

“We are committed to donating more meals than ever before in 2021 and look forward to welcoming even more local groups to benefit from our regular donations.”

Steve Butterworth, CEO of Neighborly, said, “Finding more causes and food banks in North Ayrshire is critical to ensuring that excess food gets to the communities that need it most easily and quickly. I would like to encourage all local organizations that could benefit from this to get in touch with us today. “

Interested local groups in North Ayrshire should apply by email at [email protected] or by calling 0117 422 0870.

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