Irvine volunteers are needed to support Tesco’s efforts in the food bank

Do you have time to help two leading charities support children and families this summer?

To support children and families over the summer holidays, FareShare and the Trussell Trust are collecting durable groceries in major Tesco stores across the UK from Thursday 15th July through Saturday 17th July.

Food donated by Tesco customers during the collection will be supported by food banks and holiday clubs that offer healthy meals and activities for teenagers outside of school hours.

Tesco will again top up customer donations made in-store by 20 percent in cash to support the two charities in their work.

Volunteers are needed to encourage shoppers to drop off their donations at the collection point in front of the stores, as shoppers are more likely to donate when volunteers are in attendance and to promote the collection through social media.

Jim Burns, Director of Operations at FareShare Glasgow and West Scotland, said: “In addition to the millions of people at risk as a result of the pandemic, there is now a risk that thousands of people will lose their jobs and livelihoods. More people than ever are struggling to get food on the table, and it will do so for months, if not years, as the economy recovers.

“We have seen a tremendous surge in people reaching out to local grassroots community groups for assistance, and the demand for food remains high.

“We would be incredibly grateful to anyone who can volunteer just two hours of their time this year to encourage more shoppers to donate much-needed environmental food to those who need it most.”

Emma Revie, executive director of the Trussell Trust, urged others to do their part by becoming digital volunteers and sharing news about the collection through social media.

“We are seeing more people than ever struggling in extreme poverty and being pushed to the doors of food banks because they don’t have enough money to survive. That is not right. But last year we were overwhelmed by the support people in Irvine have given the food banks in our network by donating food to Tesco. This summer, we would be so grateful if people could share shopping lists of the most needed items from their local grocery bank on their social media, support the Tesco Summer Food Collection next time in store, and encourage friends and family to donate . Together we can make a difference and work towards a hunger-free future. “

The call for volunteers comes before Volunteer Week, which celebrates the work of volunteers in the UK.

The summer collection complements the pre-Christmas Tesco Food Collection, which takes place annually at the end of November. It is the second year in a row that Tesco has offered a summer food collection; following a special gathering held last summer when charities faced an increase in demand caused by Covid-19.

To learn more about volunteering during the Tesco Food Collection and to register, visit:

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