Irvine Vics boss prepared to play a long signing game while unwavering boots hang up

Brian McLuckie, Irvine Vics boss, admits he needs to take time to make signings to get the most out of a tight transfer budget.

McLuckie is preparing for a mini remodel this summer, with a number of Loanees ready to return to their parent clubs.

Seasoned central defender Michael Holden (34) has decided to hang up his boots for professional and family reasons and left a notable hole in the Vics defense ahead of the new season in the West of Scotland League.

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But Westender boss McLuckie insists that patience is key when it comes to finding replacements because every penny is a prisoner in Vics Park.

He said: “It will probably be a matter of waiting for other clubs to do most of their business before we can start signing.”

“There’s no point in talking to players when there’s a chance a bigger club will come in and offer them better money.

“We are unable to offer two-year contracts or offer high wages.

Michael Holden's decision to withdraw leaves a hole in the Vics defense

Michael Holden’s decision to withdraw leaves a hole in the Vics defense

“We have to be realistic because we don’t have the biggest budget.

“Previous experience has shown me that it is better to wait than talk to the players too early.

“In the future, we will stick to the model of attracting young players, possibly on loan, to help them develop.

“If Michael leaves, we’d ideally want to replace him with someone with similar experience, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

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McLuckie will meet with his squad tonight – for the first time since January – as the club resumes its light, non-contact training.

He’ll take the opportunity to explore players’ thoughts on new deals despite his hands tied on four aces on loan.

Strikers Marc Walker and Ryan Morrow are expected to return to their parent clubs while Whitletts loaned Rory Tait and Lyle Cameron remain questionable.

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McLuckie added, “We look forward to getting back into things, even if it’s just touchless things for now.

“We’ll talk to the players and get an idea of ​​who else wants to be here next season.

“In terms of future training, next season is still a while away. We’ll see what the players want to do in terms of training.

“With the start of the season on July 17th, we will probably start the preseason at the beginning of June.”

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