Irvine Vics boss brings the thought of ​​the summer time cup as a method again to soccer for golf equipment and followers available on the market

Brian McLuckie believes that a Summer Cup competition in North Ayrshire could be the perfect way back to football for local clubs and fans.

The head of Irvine Vics fears time is running out in hopes of resuming the West of Scotland League campaign with a restart date not yet in sight.

New WoSFL boss Matt Bamford admitted this week that they were given an “almost impossible task” to bring the season to a satisfactory conclusion.

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Now, McLuckie believes the time has come to think of alternative ways to safely get back into action – with supporters back on the ground.

“If it doesn’t look like we’re going back this season, I’d like to believe that something like a regionalized Summer Cup would be an option for clubs,” he said.

“We could play it in May / June when hopefully the whole country is in a better position on the coronavirus.

“Something like a trophy in North Ayrshire with teams from that region would reduce the number of sides, which would be ideal from a safety point of view.

McLuckie would like clubs to be able to welcome fans back in limited numbers

“It could also be a good time to give clubs the opportunity to welcome fans back, albeit to a limited extent.”

“Even if we could get 50 fans in the beginning and see how things go. This would allow the clubs to adapt to our level in order to safely accommodate the fans before the next season.”

WoSFL chairman Bamford admits the target will still play at least 50 percent of the games before the season ends on May 22nd.

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But he admits he doesn’t know when the clubs will be allowed to start training again – regardless of playing – which means everything will stay in the balance.

“As a board, we are reviewing all of the options and scenarios – but the biggest problem is not knowing if or when we’re going to restart, he said.

Vics could play old rivals Irvine Meadow in a regionalized cup

“As soon as we know how much data we need, we can work from the 22nd and set a latest date that is required for the start of the training. If this is unlikely to be achieved, then we have to make a tough decision.

“But the clubs will be the first to know what this decision is.”

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