Irvine, San Jose, San Diego, CA best cities to quarantine

For those stuck indoors for staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Zippia has ranked the best and worst cities in the US to quarantine.

Zippia, a career resources website, analyzed 99 US cities to identify the best and worst places to quarantine. Bigger homes, more public green spaces per 1,000 residents, faster internet, and more take-away options meant the city was high on the list.

Zippia looked at RENTCafe apartment sizes and rents, the Trust of Public Land’s public green spaces, the number of restaurants in each city on DoorDash, and the U.S. census data to get the percentage of residents in each city with broadband internet, including DSL, to determine. Cable or fiber.

Scottsdale, Arizona was number one on the list of numerous restaurants and public land, according to the report. The average apartment is 964 square feet, which means you have plenty of space to walk around inside.

Three California cities – Irvine finished second, San Diego fourth, and San Jose seventh – made the top 10.

California issued a stay-at-home order, which went into effect March 19, requiring residents to stay at home “except when necessary to maintain the continuity of the operation of critical federal infrastructure sectors”.

In Irvine, 86% of residents have broadband internet, which is the third highest rate in the country, according to the report. The average apartment size is 912 square meters.

For San Diego, 80.7% of the population has broadband internet, although residents have smaller apartments and there are over 2,000 take-away options.

The residents of San Jose have over 1,400 restaurants and takeaways, and an average apartment size of 879 square feet.

The Five Worst Cities: Laredo, Texas; Buffalo, New York; Paterson, New Jersey; Hialeah, Florida; and Newark, New Jersey.

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