Irvine residents are some of the healthiest in the United States

Good news. Irvine has received a new award, perhaps the most important.

Three recent studies – from the Anthem Foundation’s “Fittest Cities in America”, Niche’s “Healthiest Places to Living in America” and WalletHub’s “Healthiest US Cities” – have ranked Irvine among the ten healthiest cities in America.

The studies found that residents were fitter and happier because they had easy access to things that promote healthy lifestyles, such as parks, open spaces, bike paths, and quality medical care.

The city planned by the master was designed 60 years ago with the aim of creating a place where “nature and people flourish”, and this balance benefits the residents today.

Here’s how:


“It is clear that Irvine promotes health and well-being in the community.” – Dr. Sadiya Muqueeth, Trust for Public Land

A recent analysis shows that living within a 10-minute walk to a park makes you healthier and happier. In Irvine, the average walk to a park is half that: just five minutes.

“That’s important,” says Dr. Sadiya Muqueeth of the Trust for Public Land, which Irvines Parks ranks among the best in California. “A city like Irvine essentially creates an environment in which people can benefit from the value of parks and green spaces much more easily than other cities.”

Irvine has more than 270 parks and thousands of acres of natural open space to keep you active and healthy. “The value of all green space is that you have a place to walk and places to spend relaxing time,” says Muqueeth, a Harvard-trained doctor of public health. “It is clear that Irvine promotes health and well-being in the community.”


What does it mean to have one of America’s best research universities in your garden?

“First,” says UC Steve Goldstein, Vice Chancellor of Health for UC Irvine, “Irvine residents have access to care that is only available in the best facilities in the world.” You don’t have to go to LA, San Francisco or Boston because the best is here. “

Second, UC Irvine, named America’s No. 1 Public University by Money Magazine, trains approximately 2,500 future doctors, nurses, and health professionals each year. And most of them are practicing in and around Irvine now.

Third, UC Irvine researchers spend hundreds of millions of dollars in medical research every year – making life better, helping Irvine’s medical technology industry, and bringing the brightest minds to town.

“UCI,” says Goldstein, “makes a strong contribution to this piece of paradise that is Irvine.”

“Irvine residents have access to care that is only available in the best facilities in the world.” – Dr. Steve Goldstein, UC Irvine


Less than half of the cities in Orange County have hospitals. Irvine has two award-winning hospitals in the heart of the city – by nature.

Hoag and Kaiser Permanente are anchoring the Sand Canyon Medical Corridor, which was designed to provide comprehensive medical care from everyone’s home in minutes.

Together, the hospitals cater to more than 2,000 doctors and nurses, as well as a network of specialists, general practitioners, and osteopaths across the city.

“Irvine has Hoag, Kaiser Permanente, UC Irvine Health and MemorialCare with a City of Hope campus valued at $ 1 billion,” said Lucy Dunn, president and CEO of Orange County Business Council.

“That’s the beauty of Irvine. It attracts the best and brightest. Whoever your doctor is – they are already here. “


Irvine’s 400 medical technology companies provide 18,000 jobs and generate billions of dollars in economic activity – making Irvine medical research a priority.

Allergan, a global leader in eye care products, has been developing products to protect and maintain eyesight for over 70 years. It is one of 50 eye care companies that have made Irvine the recognized ophthalmology capital of the world.

Edwards Lifesciences invented the first successful heart valve in 1960. Since then, she has helped millions of patients worldwide with leading heart health technologies.

“I love Irvine,” said Mike Mussallem, chairman and CEO of Edwards, Orange County’s largest publicly traded company. “There are outstanding talents in and around the city. That’s why we’ve always been in Irvine and decided to expand here. “

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