Irvine Meadow’s boss welcomes the flimsy squad after a dramatic dwelling win

Colin Spence praised his worn-out Irvine Meadow roster after it ended in the most dramatic way on a climax in 2020.

An own goal in the fifth minute of stoppage time helped a Dow side with only 13 available players beat Blantyre 3-2 on Sunday.

Spence admitted it was a result his players probably didn’t deserve after making a back-to-the-wall appearance in the second half.

But he insisted they deserved to loosen up a bit after tearing victory from the jaws of defeat.

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“To say we were to the bone is an understatement,” said Spence.

“We had four late calls. So we had 12 out of 20 men and we brought Eddie McTernan back as a trialist.

“We could have moaned about it, but we thank the guys, they put in a shift for us and somehow dug up a result.

“In the last two weeks we felt we should have had a lot more points. We didn’t deserve it this week, but we’ll take it, that’s for sure. “

Wiese survived a few hairy moments

Spence thought his side were worthy of their 2-1 lead during the break.

But he admitted that after the break with Meadow keeper Kyle Marley, the visitors were at the top, producing heroics to keep his own
Side in.

“In the first half they were all-out attacks and we punished them more by using the space,” said Spence.

“We didn’t do that that often in the second half. They pinned us down and we looked leggy.

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“Kyle kept us there, he was great. It was safe after safe. “

Meadow welcomes a fighting Rob Roy team this Sunday and Spence insisted, “We have to get better.

“Another three points would help build a little momentum for us.”

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