Irvine Meadow grabs a new goalkeeper while the bosses take the proven transfer tack

Irvine Meadow caught former Kilwinning Rangers and Darvel goalkeeper David Markey.

The experienced shot stopper signs as a free agent after spending the last season at Annbank.

Markey becomes Meadow’s second signing for the closing season after former Hurlford midfielder Mick Wardrope arrived last week.

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And Medda co-boss Colin Spence believes that both signings are a perfect fit for the West of Scotland’s premier team’s new transfer policy, which is all about proven aces.

He said, “David comes with a good experience and a good presence. We managed to reach him pretty quickly after hearing that he was available.

Colin Spence

Colin Spence

“We tried to bring some proven players into the squad. People who made it through the course.

“We realize that we are a young team and that your form can go down as a result.

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“Last season was a free kick for us without any consequences and we did very well.”

“But this year it will be an incredible league with seven teams out.”

“It looks like we can play two games a week at the beginning of the season so we have to get started right away. We need bodies to do that and we want to add that little experience.”

Meadow added midfielder Mick Wardrope - another former Kilwinning player - to his ranks last week

Meadow added midfielder Mick Wardrope – another former Kilwinning player – to his ranks last week

Meadow is in the market for an additional three players and a second goalkeeper to encourage competition between sticks.

But Spence admits that he and cool manager James Latta are intent on getting the most out of their transfer kitten.

He added: “We still have two or three irons in the fire but they could go either way at this point.

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“There could be budgets. We don’t have the biggest ones compared to other teams, so for now we just have to wait and see.

“We have to use our budget as best we can. We’re going to play with a smaller squad this season and don’t want to use it up too quickly. We’ll try to stay a little behind because the players are always available.” three or four weeks in the season.

“It’s about boxing smartly with what we have.”

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