Irvine Meadow boss smitten by strike choices, however warns of “fearless” rivals

Irvine Meadow co-boss Colin Spence warned his formidable team this week not to beware of ‘fearless’ Bonnyton Thistle.

Ayrshire’s rivals will meet tomorrow at Meadow Park in the service of the WosFL Premier League after the season starts are starkly opposed.

Medda has won two of its first three league games and takes on an outstanding 3-0 win over Broxburn Athletic in the second round of the Soccer Shop Challenge Cup.

Bonnyton, on the other hand, has lost all three league games and was kicked out of the cup by the Craigmark conference team last weekend.

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However, Spence expects a tough challenge from Alan Robertson’s side.

He said, “Bonnyton are the new kids on the block. You are a young team and you will be fearless.

Bonnyton Thistle boss Alan Robertson

“It’s their first year in the Premier League and they will come here and enjoy playing in our park.

“We have to make sure we look them in the face and hopefully show them up like we did with Broxburn and control the game again.”

Spence is excited about the attack options available to him.

He added, “Our options are great. Dylan Pooler came back on Saturday after missing the last three and scored a goal.

“We still have people like Michael Reilly and Jamie Martin stepping on each other’s heels and desperately trying to keep going every week.

“It’s a nice problem to have.”

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