Irvine Meadow boss Colin Spence urges the league bosses to be “courageous” and make the final name of the season

Irvine Meadow boss Colin Spence has urged league bosses to get clubs out of their misery and make a final decision about the season.

Meadow learned this week that they won’t be out of action until March at the earliest after the SFA extended a ban on lower division football.

But Spence fears that the time is running out to complete the West of Scotland League campaign, suggesting the bosses will now have to make a call one way or another before March.

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He said: “Unfortunately it looks like this season could be a write-off.

“The new expansion makes it a big challenge to push the games in.

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“There has been no update from the league since the announcement and at the moment we need clarity from the powers that be.

“We need someone who is brave, shows a little leadership, and makes a decision one way or another over the next few weeks.

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“There is talk of playing at least half the games, but there is no point in asking the teams to come back in mid-March just to play a few games.

Meadow hasn’t played since beating Blantyre on Boxing Day

“If we are to end the campaign – which I hope it can happen – we have to look into the possibility of playing twice a week. I wouldn’t be against it and I’m sure the players would support that.” .

“However, if it’s at least null and void, we can all put our eggs in one basket and focus on next season. It would be a shame because although things have been disrupted, it has been an exciting season.

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“However, we need to make sure that we are better prepared for the start of the next campaign than we were last year.

“We had fixtures for weeks, but no start date, then the big kick-off was pushed back. It was a bit of a mess.”

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