Irvine Meadow and Kilwinning Rangers are poised to revive the Cup’s double-headed plan

Kilwinning Rangers and Irvine Meadow are close to the preseason double header – with a trophy at stake.

The rivals want to prepare for a planned two-legged affair at a first clash in the Eglinton Cup.

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The flagship games – which could become a regular pre-season event – were originally scheduled for last summer, but were never launched due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Now both clubs are keen to find slots in their friendly schedule before the start of the new West of Scotland League season on July 17th.

Ayrshire non-league at the latest

Meadow has already put up tentative friendly opponents in the form of Lowland League rifts against BSC Glasgow and East Kilbride, while Kilwinning is hoping to win SPFL opponents for some glamorous pre-season action against Buffs Park.

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